About Sugavanan - Software Engineer and Researcher

Sugavanan – A Software Engineer and Researcher in all my blood and veins. While my experience is with working in companies like Symantec, Ericsson, etc., my main passion is to have my own company. Until then my innovation, research and ideas will be supplied to my employers! My interesting topics span across a multitude of domains: Computer Technologies, Physics, Astronomy, History, Love, Chemistry, Research, Information Security, Entrepreneurship and Stock Market.

Showing humanness and empathy is the best quality for any one to climb up in the ranking of human species. No matter how much excellence one may achieve in career, the only thing that one cannot maintain in humanness and empathy. I value only those people who maintain it at any cost and be righteous.

Always work with right attitude. It is very important than talent and intelligence. Being righteous and giving money a secondary place, is all the magic needed to live like a legend.

I don’t talk about me much. Corporates across the globe know the quality of work I do and the value I add. But my blogs talk a lot. My intention is to write blogs about Software Engineering and Technology and around all my areas of interest. I wouldn’t narrow it down to any niche area. But let me see how it evolves over time.

I am kind of a guy who keeps things short, to the point, hates office meetings and always straight forward. My tone in blogs would reflect the same even if I try to avoid them for some other reasons! Enjoy reading all.

The ideas written in the blogs on this site are entirely derived out of my experience and knowledge. Sometimes the ideas are so complex and deeply founded that even writing it well is not sufficient to fully convey it or the intention behind it. The best way is to talk to me personally 😊

Never try to guess me or my attitude or behaviour by looking at my articles – Be warned! You will not succeed in finding who I am unless you know me personally, well even then it is only slightly possible!