How close is Artificial Intelligence to real Intelligence

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We hear the hype and power of Artificial intelligence everywhere. But how far is it real? How close is artificial intelligence (AI) to real intelligence? At present Artificial intelligence is nowhere close to real intelligence.

ChatGPT CEO talks about dangers of AI. From companies like Microsoft, Tesla to even small companies, think that they developed real intelligent systems, just be simulating a brain like activity. In reality these are software means of simulation of human intelligence model which don’t actually think like real humans. They act like as if they are thinking and we think to have achieved something.

They built present AI systems over discrete machines. Here is the reality and everything else is a myth:

The world morphs a real Deterministic system (computer) into a virtual Stochastic system and calls it as AI (Artificial Intelligence). Now the latter is further emulated to become the former, under the heading “Advancements in AI”

The real intelligence starts at the hardware intelligence. The reason why this AI did not kick off for long time is due to the lack of computer hardware power. Today, the hardware is not intelligent. But a software which can simulate intelligence on top of it. Both have to be intelligent. Otherwise, the present model will pose a lot of limitations. I have an intelligent hardware system in mind. But I don’t think these AI building companies are anywhere near to doing research on similar lines.

It is funny when CEO’s and big companies talk about AI and its fears as if they are masters of designing intelligent systems. It is just the fear of the unknown. They don’t really fear for what they developed. The fear that they instil right now are valid only when the real intelligent systems are in place. Until then everything is a hype.

So many non technical persons are misguided by these tech giants, who don’t themselves understand what is true intelligence. Till now, whatever has been developed under AI, is just an automated system capable of leveraging probability in mathematics to act like a human.

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