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The fascination

Ever wondered why some software engineers stand out among the crowd? Ever wondered why only some are the go-to persons? You call them the most wanted software engineers/the best employee/the best software engineer. In fact, this happens in any department and not only in software engineering. Go over this post to find out the unspoken truths to become the best software engineer in your career. It may look complex at first but towards the end of page I have given a shortcut – A quote, a secret recipie, to remember for your lifetime, to achieve all these.

Immediate conclusions

  • The general immediate conclusion usually derived is that the person is talented and intelligent.
  • Some will go even further and tell that it is all about natural talent and natural fitment for this job.
  • There are some who would conclude that it is luck.

There is a separate blog I tend to write on talent vs luck. That could even be more interesting.

So what it takes to become the most wanted and the best software engineer ?

Well talent is one of the most important things to succeed. But talent is not the only one which will make you become the most wanted software engineer. It is the “ATTITUDE” which matters the most. Apart from attitude the person should possess “Humanness and “Empathy”. Let us break down “Attitude” and others as well in separate sections.

The Attitude

If you want to become the most wanted and best software engineer, then it is all about right “Attitude”. Even talent is directly proportional to the attitude the engineer possesses. So what shapes that attitude:

  • Perseverance to complete a work with quality. The more of it, the better you succeed. Nothing can match this attitude. If you don’t have this, forget everything else below this page.
  • Never give up thinking that there is no solution.
  • Be fierce in approaching a problem. Don’t get intimidated.
  • Never hesitate to reach to any extent to find if there is a slightest possibility to succeed.

“Talent” and “Knowledge” are the byproducts of the above attitude and qualities.


It is hard to believe that this quality ranks higher than many commercially focussed qualities.

If you are a good human, you create the best environment for others to work with you. You will naturally be customer focussed. You will understand complex discussions and see how it can add value to human society.

Being inhuman and focussing only on money and time, destroys the very community you are living in and working for. A lot of entrepreneurs forget this very basic thing and enjoy the temporary success, only to face a huge crisis later on. Even the big tech giants suffer from this problem. They lost respect in the frequent layoffs they conduct and lose all the progress they could have made if the employees’s pain and dedication were valued like humans and instead of being treated like replaceable “resources”


Being Empathetic is a different game altogether. Once this is in place you can build any successful team, work with people around you and succeed. A most wanted software engineer is the one who has this quality. Everyone seeks for this person to get help and seek to find solution easily and collaborate better.

Once you are empathetic you connect psychologically with that person, understand the problems, drive ways to solve problems easily and smartly. Your smartness increases with empathy. Once you win and value people, winning anything else is naturally easy. Without human touch even a robot is considered useless.

Talent and Knowledge

Talent and knowledge drive intelligence which is much needed to do a work with quality. Everyone knows about this. So I am not writing much about it. But there is this universal truth I discovered in my life: The knowledge earned for helping others will always be more than the knowledge earned for oneself. Check this out in you life and leave a comment below. You stay in top of technical ladder because of this.

Unable to keep up with growing technologies? Unable to upgrade your skills? Try to learn them for other’s goodness and to make a better humanity. It will be much easy.

The Shortcut

If you want to take a shortcut to achieve all these and fast track your way to become the most wanted and best software engineer, then read the below quote and apply it in your life. Your “Attitude” will shape up automatically.

If you cannot solve a problem, then nobody in the world should be able to solve it.
If somebody else can solve it, then you could also be able to solve it

– Sugavanan

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